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Teen Mental Health First Aid Training


Hampton Rotary are very proud to be joint organisers of the Bayside Teen Mental Health First Aid project, in partnership with Brighton North Rotary. 

This Rotary project delivers the Teen Mental Health First Aid training course to high school students in Years 9/10 at Bayside Secondary Colleges. The course, developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia, teaches students about the signs and symptoms of mental health problems that may be experienced by young people, and how they can support a friend who may be experiencing a mental health problem. 

Over the past year, the Bayside Teen Mental Health First Aid project has delivered this specialised mental health training to 700 high school students in Bayside, and we are now rolling out the training to more schools in the area.  

So far, the Teen Mental Health First Aid course has been delivered to Year 10 students at Sandringham College and Year 9 students at Brighton Secondary College and Beaumaris Secondary College.

Also, as part of our commitment to support the local secondary school communities with mental health training, we are also providing specialist training to teachers and school staff, so they too can support the local students at their colleges. This 2-day training course, Youth Mental Health First Aid, is also developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia, and adults working or living with adolescents learn how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. A recent course was presented to teachers and wellbeing staff from 4 local Secondary Colleges. 

This is an exciting and impactful project and we are very grateful for the support from Mental Health First Aid Australia, Bayside City Council and the Rotary Foundation as well as Secondary Colleges in Bayside, all of whom are helping to support young people in our local area with their mental health.

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