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Timor Leste Project

The Timor L’Este project in Hatu Balico, Ainaro province was identified as an area of very poor hygiene resulting in stunting, infant mortality and malnutrition caused by diarrhoea from unsafe, unreliable water.  Plan Timor L’Este has assessed this project for Ainaro Province rating it of highest priority in order for them to achieve “hygienic“ status.  

 Hatu Balico sits amongst the highest peaks of central Timor L’Este where the geography, climate and poor road conditions make it extremely difficult to implement infrastructure projects.

 An old, dysfunctional and inadequate water system to three villages is now being replaced, repaired and extended to provide the three Hatu Balico villages with a clean, reliable water supply.  Considerable consultation has taken place with the local water authorities, tribal elders and the women who are responsible for collecting the water to ensure the new water system is viable for all the villages.  Not only are we replacing the water systems but we are adding hand washing stations to schools.

In addition, each village will have a committee responsible for the maintenance of the water system.  The villagers will be given the training and tools for maintenance and will be supported by the local authorities and Plan Timor L’Este who will continue to work in this area for a considerable time after project completion.

For further information about this project, please contact Jenny Fox at 0411 108 248.

Timor L'Este Update

Timor L’Este Project To Provide Clean Water Now Entering New Phase! 

The project in Hatu Balico in Timor L’Este to replace the water systems in three villages is now getting closer to the construction phase.  Final surveying and the organisation of the village management groups has now been completed.  Most of the construction material has been purchased and now needs to be transported to the three villages so work can commence.  This has been slightly delayed due to the main road being reconstructed and therefore not suitable for the truck being used to transport the sand. However, progress is being made, which is great to see.

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