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Tree Planting Challenge


On a fine and sunny Saturday 10th July, Hampton Rotarians, partners and friends were joined by Rotarians from Sandringham & Beaumaris for our annual tree planting. 

They assembled on the foreshore near Sandringham Football Ground where Citywide, the Bayside Council horticultural contractors, provided 400 trees, bushes and succulents and instructed them on planting techniques. 90 minutes later, all had been planted and watered in. 

This event stems from a challenge issued by Past Rotary International World President, Ian Riseley, for every Rotarian to plant at least one tree per year. 

Hampton Rotary took up the challenge in 2018 and has repeated it ever since except for 2020 where COVID caused its cancellation.

Sincere thanks to all who participated in this great effort! 👏👏


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