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School Award Presentations 2023/2024

School Awards announced for 2023/2024

Recently, the Club's Community Director, Geoff Tickner attended local schools to present Awards.

 Friendship Leader Awards at Hampton Primary School

 The Club has presented the Friendship Leader Awards at Hampton Primary School since 1997. It is the Club’s longest continuing award.

Students select a year five boy and girl to be their Friendship Leaders for the following year, using the following guidelines - Kindness, Responsibility, Fairness, Friendship and Acceptance by their peers.

The Friendship Leaders for 2024 are Cleo Moran and Sam Sharp.

Each receives a congratulatory letter from the Club, a book voucher to a local bookstore and their names are added to the Friendship Leader Honour Board for all to see throughout their final year at school.

At the end of the year, Friendship Leaders are requested to summarise their year.  Summaries from 2023 leaders, Grace Stott and Jimmy Wigg can be seen HERE.

Berendale School Resilience Award for 2023 

Hampton Rotary has been presenting the Resilience Award at Berendale School in Hampton East since 2010. It is awarded to a Year 11 student who has impressed the Head and staff by showing resilience every day at school.

This year's winner is Matthew Sharp. His citation states that he has made a valiant effort this year in improving his attendance at school and played a significant role in contributing to community and school projects including helping to run a triathlon for years 10 & 11 and attending Urban Camp.

His determination and positive attitude have not only helped him to overcome obstacles but has also set remarkable examples for his peers. His resilience, determination and tenacity has undoubtedly paved the way for a successful year ahead.

Matthew received a congratulatory letter and a $50.00 JB HiFi voucher from Geoff Tickner at the school's final assembly for the year. Matthew's name has been added to the Honour Board for all to see in his final year at the school. 

Friendship Leader Awards at St Mary's Primary

Grades 4 to 6 students at St Mary’s Primary School Hampton elected Sienna Whyte and Willem Miserus to be their Friendship Leaders for 2024.

Students are asked to select a student who they believe best meets the criteria of friendship, fairness, responsibility, teamwork and acceptance by others.

Sienna & Willem each receive a congratulatory letter from the Club, a $50.00 book voucher and a book plate.

The Club has been making this award since 2000.

For detail about the awards click HERE

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