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Teen Mental Health First Aid Training

Teen Mental Health First Aid Training to be delivered to Year 10s at Sandringham College

As part of the Club’s Youth Mental Health project, a course designed for teenagers will be delivered in April to the entire year 10 student cohort at Sandringham Secondary College. 170 students will receive training on Teen Mental Health First Aid and learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health problems that may be experienced by young people, and how they can support a friend who may be experiencing a mental health problem. We really want to thank the College for their collaboration on this initiative to deliver the training to the Year 10 students. 

The Teen Mental Health First Aid training course is developed and accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia, and designed especially for teenagers, and delivered in the school setting. The delivery of this training forms part of our project partnership with Brighton North Rotary, to help improve the mental health of youth in our local area, with specialist training for adults and youth. We want to thank Bayside City Council and the Rotary Foundation for their support of this latest course to be delivered to Bayside students.

The first of these courses in August 2022 was very successful. Click HERE for details.

For further details or enquiries about this project, please contact Christine Lindsey at:

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