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School Award Presentations

School Awards announced for 2022/2023

Recently, the Club's Community Director, Geoff Tickner attended local schools to present Awards.

Berendale School Resilience Award for 2022

This award since goes to a year 11 student who has displayed significant resilience throughout the year. This year's winner is Mikayla Matheny. The school provided the following statement about Mikayla.

"Mikayla shows resilience and positive emotions such as kindness to others, gratitude and being mindful of those around her. She has worked extremely diligently in all her VCAL subjects and has also completed a Certificate 2 in catering. She is a member of the school's SRC and is especially supportive of younger students. She is a role model for all students."

Mikayla's name has been added to the Honour Board and she receives a congratulatory letter from the Club and a JB HiFi voucher. 

Hampton Primary School Friendship Captains for 2023.

The Hampton Primary School Friendship Captains for 2023, having been elected by their peers, have been announced. 

They are Grace Stott and Jimmy Wigg. They each receive a congratulatory letter together with a voucher to a local bookstore

At the end of their year, Grace and Jimmy will be invited to outline their experiences throughout the year via a video link or in person at a Club meeting.

St Mary's Friendship Leaders for 2023

Jessica Taylor and Josh Orlowski have been chosen as the Friendship Leaders for 2023. Award winners are elected by their peers who consider them to best meet the criteria of kindness, responsibility, fairness, friendship and acceptance. In addition, staff consider they uphold the school principles.

Each receives a congratulatory certificate and a book voucher and their names have been added to the Honour Board for all to see in their final year at 
the school.

At the end of the year they will be invited to tell a club meeting about their experiences.

For detail about the awards click HERE

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