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Community Grants Program

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This is a fantastic opportunity to apply for a financial boost to a worthy community project.
Each year, the Rotary Club of Hampton offers grants of up to $2000 for projects by eligible community groups that meet the eligibility criteria.

The Community Grants Program is intended to support projects proposed by community groups which strengthen and enrich community life through providing an improved range of leisure, cultural, community development, environmental, health, education, sporting and welfare programs and activities.

The Community Grants Committee accepts grant applications between September and October. Once the application period is over, applicants are contacted by members of our Community Grants Committee to discuss their applications. Final recommendations by the Community Grants Committee are made to the Rotary Club of Hampton Board in December, with applicants being notified shortly thereafter.

In determining Grant recipients, the following are some of the guidelines:

  1. Be from incorporated bodies registered in Bayside or associated with a Bayside based project;
  2. Address a need in the community;
  3. Be mindful of the maximum amount of $2000 per year that can be provided;
  4. Not a request for salaries or building works;
  5. Ensure that the funds to be spent within a year and paid upon receipt of invoices.

The 2018/2019 community grants program had 26 applications registered, with applications coming in from a diverse spectrum of organisations in the Bayside area, ranging from kindergartens, sports clubs, primary schools, lifesaving clubs, healthcare and other organisations. Club members lodged their feedback on the applications and the selection committee went through the difficult process of short-listing applications to come up with their final recommendations.

2018/2019 Winners

We are now thrilled to share the names of the organisations who are the latest recipients of the Hampton Rotary Community Grants Program for 2018/2019. It was difficult for the Grants Selection Committee to select from the very many deserving applications, but here are the final winners:  

- The Holland Foundation

- Hampton Life Saving Club- Riding for the Disabled Moorabbin

- Nagle Pre-School

- Kids Like Us

- Cancer Patients Foundation

- Sandringham & District Historical Society


Congratulations to all the successful applicants! Each of these organisations provided a compelling case for the use of the Grant and we shall look forward to hear from each recipient over the coming months about their specific project and the benefits they have received from the receipt of the Grant funds.

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